Seyi Omooba is a Christian actor who has lost an employment tribunal claim that she brought against the Curve Theatre in Leicester and the talent agency Global Artists.

Seyi Omooba. Image Credit: Les Wilson

Seyi was due to star in a production of the musical The Color Purple in 2019, but was sacked following the discovery…

Image Credit: Shutterstock/ SizeSquares

Endometriosis comes with a myriad of symptoms and can often be associated with digestive issues and depression.

Evidence from observational studies indicates that endometriosis and depression often occur simultaneously. Researchers from the Queensland University of Technology comprehensively evaluated the link between endometriosis and depression. …

Monica Lennon spearheaded the campaign meaning Scotland will provide free period products. Image Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA

On the 24th November 2020, The period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Act was passed. This act builds upon the work of some councils in Scotland that have already been providing free sanitary towels and tampons in public buildings since 2018.

The campaign was started 4 years by MSP Monica Lennon…

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‘The Ceasefire Babies’ was an article published in the book, ‘Lost, Found, Remembered’, by Lyra Mc Kee. The book was published in March 2020 and is a collection of articles written by the journalist who was murdered in Derry in April 2019. …

The Importance of Inclusive Period Products

Image Credit: Superdrug

Not only women menstruate.

For years advertisements and packaging for period products have only been directed at cis women. Finally, the companies that make or sell these products are realizing that their target market is not always cis females.

Superdrug has recently released sanitary…

Hannah Gadsby. Image Credit: Netflix

In her stand up Hannah Gadsby tackles many important subjects including identity, gender norms and most poignant of all, shame.

Hannah Gadsby grew up in small-town Tasmania, where being gay was a crime right up until 1997. In coming to terms with her sexuality Hannah mentions how in gay representation…

Bodyform has come forward with an authentic and powerful new advertising campaign #WombStories

“Periods are normal. Showing them should be too.”

The 3-minute advert deals with a variety of menstruation-related topics, including period pain, menopause, miscarriage, Endometriosis and also gives LGBTQA+ representation. …

Image Credit: Alex Blogoodf/

Cisgender females are persons whose gender identity coincides with the sex that they were assigned at birth. The transmasculine gender spectrum (transmasc) includes transgender men and gender-nonbinary persons whose sex assigned at birth was female.

Within the field of obstetrics and gynecology, much of the research on the transmasculine population…

Nell Mc Cafferty — Feminist, Activist, Breaker of Irish Taboos

Nell McCafferty Image Credit: Mark Condren

Nell McCafferty spoke out to the nation in 2004, on the Irish Friday night institution of The Late Late Show. She pleaded with the parents of gay young Irish people, asking for their acceptance and love. …

Same-sex Marriage Ban Ruled as ‘Unjustified Discrimination’ by Northern Ireland Court

“A right delayed is a right denied.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

On April 7th 2020 the Court of Appeal ruled that gay couples in Northern Ireland had faced unjustified discrimination while denied the opportunity to marry. With changes to…

Joan Nugent

Northern Ireland born, Manchester-based Editorial Production Coordinator. Main interests include NI LGBTQIA+ Issues and Endometriosis.

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