On the 24th November 2020, The period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Act was passed. This act builds upon the work of some councils in Scotland that have already been providing free sanitary towels and tampons in public buildings since 2018.

The campaign was started 4 years by MSP Monica Lennon…

The Importance of Inclusive Period Products

Not only women menstruate.

For years advertisements and packaging for period products have only been directed at cis women. Finally, the companies that make or sell these products are realizing that their target market is not always cis females.

Superdrug has recently released sanitary…

Cisgender females are persons whose gender identity coincides with the sex that they were assigned at birth. The transmasculine gender spectrum (transmasc) includes transgender men and gender-nonbinary persons whose sex assigned at birth was female.

Within the field of obstetrics and gynecology, much of the research on the transmasculine population…

Nell Mc Cafferty — Feminist, Activist, Breaker of Irish Taboos

Nell McCafferty spoke out to the nation in 2004, on the Irish Friday night institution of The Late Late Show. She pleaded with the parents of gay young Irish people, asking for their acceptance and love. …

Joan Nugent

Northern Ireland born, Manchester-based Editorial Production Coordinator. Main interests include NI LGBTQIA+ Issues and Endometriosis.

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